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    2018-02-26 11:52:06

    The mobile tire unit was "built" entirely by our company TEGKA for our customer Xanthopoulos Dimitris. A tire changer for trucks and buses was installed. Also, the compressor generator was inst

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    2017-11-08 14:52:09

    We are pleased to present our new partner LV8. New products from a big company in the field of motorcycle. The LV8 is the new partner of TEGKASTORE !!!

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    2017-06-15 09:40:35

    New receipt of the famous levers of the American company Ken-Tool !!!

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    2017-03-01 13:06:39

    After many years of experience in the repair tools, one giant company in the area, testifying to the quality of our service!

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    2015-02-11 11:06:43

    We would like to welcome you to our new page and we suggest you to browse this !!!

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    2015-01-29 22:17:32

    New receipt of a new fresh product!

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Over the last thirty years, we have worked closely with our customers in order to develop systems which are able to provide high performance and reliability in a wide range of industries. Our power solutions include:

  • Compressed air
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • High-pressure water

We recognise that providing safe, suitable and reliable systems is only one part of what we do, and that ease of use and improved working conditions for operators are a key component of the systems we develop.

Our systems run at lower speeds, generating less noise and heat, which not only benefits your staff but also makes your vehicles more fuel-efficient.

Compressed air

Perfect for mobile tyre operators, the utility sector and many other industrial applications, we provide compressed air solutions from 35cfm (1m³/min) to 160cfm (4.52m³/min) and beyond if required at pressures of up to 13bar (188psi). Compressed air systems are available for all on-vehicle power product applications and sectors.

Compressed air


Providing electric power from 1kVA up to 10kVA at 110v, 240v or dual voltage with a range of electric outlets up to 32amp. Systems above 4kVA are installed and tested in line with current 17th Edition wiring regulations. Electrical systems are available for all on-vehicle power product applications and sectors.



Winton can fit underfloor and engine mounted hydraulic systems delivering up to 180 litres per minute. This is a practical solution for hydraulic fibre blowing equipment, vehicle mounted cranes and commercial vehicle tyre changing equipment.

High-pressure water

Our underfloor systems deliver water pressure at up to 250bar at a flow rate of up to 85 litres per minute. These systems are appropriate for jetting, firefighting and drainage work.


Our team at Winton have a great deal of experience of working with clients in mobile tyre solutions, mobile workshops, utilities maintenance, civil engineering and construction. In addition, our engineers are skilled at meeting challenging requirements or creating bespoke solutions for customers in a wide range of industries. Every system we build can be provided with a compressor, generator, inverter or hydraulic power, alongside a range of ancillary equipment that can include external light bars, racking, and other industry-specific equipment. We will work with you to build the equipment you need into your vehicle, to enable your staff and your organisation to perform at an optimum level.

Mobile Tyre Solutions

We work with mobile tyre-fitting operators, providing them with a range of pneumatic solutions to enable them to provide a fast and efficient service to customers.These systems provide the flexibility to work with a variety of vehicle sizes, from standard cars and vans to Heavy Goods Vehicles. Our systems will provide sufficient compressed air to remove, refit and inflate HGV tyres with pressures up to 175psi (12bar). A constant air supply is provided, without the need for additional air tanks that would require statutory testing.

Each system can be provided with a compressor, generator, inverter or hydraulic power as required, along with a range of ancillary equipment to match. Additional equipment can include external light bars, work lights, racking and tyre changing equipment.

Mobile Tyre Solutions

Utility Solutions

We are experienced in meeting the demands of utility operators in all sectors including gas, electric, water and utility support activities. Providing combined compressed air and electrics (or just one of these if required) on a range of commercials vehicles. We provide systems that operate up to two pneumatic breakers, submersible pumps, electrofusion equipment, air lances and site lighting, many of which can be used simultaneously with each other.

Each system can be provided with a number of safety featuresthese include; remote emergency stops, safety steps and engine run lock controls. Vehicles can be fully kitted out with a range of ancillary equipment, making us a one-stop shop for our utilities clients. Additional equipment can include external light bars, work lights, racking and towing equipment.

utility solutions

Civil / Construction

Our systems are flexible and can be configured to provide drives and power solutions for cold cutting, soda blasting and high-pressure cutting. Alongside these functions, the pneumatic and electric power can be used to operate a range of onsite equipment from hand tools to industrial equipment. Our vehicles can be used to power electric breakers, SDS tools, angle grinders, water pumps and mobile site lighting.

Vehicles can be custom fitted with a range of racking solutions to suit your individual business operations and activities, offering you a completely bespoke solution. Each system can be provided with a compressor, generator, inverter or hydraulic power, with a range of ancillary equipment to match including external light bars, work lights and racking.


Mobile Workshops

Our mobile workshop solutions can be fitted to many manufacturers’ vehicles, providing pneumatic power to a comprehensive range of air tools. Air guns up to 25mm drive can be operated while being supplied with dual voltage electric power from 1kVA – 10kVA at 110v/240v.These systems can be used to charge portable tools, operate bench equipment and provide external vehicle power for site lifting, air jacks or air bags, and vehicle recovery equipment.

In addition to these power options, vehicles can be supplied with a range of racking solutions and workbenches that can be tailored to your own business activities and operations. Each system has the option of being provided with a compressor, generator, inverter or hydraulic power with a range of ancillary equipment to match, including external light bars and work lights.

Emergency Services

Our emergency services clients depend on us to provide bespoke solutions that they can rely on during both routine activities and extremely challenging situations. We supply drive solutions and vehicle conversions to fire and rescue organisations across the UK and Europe.These are available for a number of vehicle types including 4×4 LCV at 3.5 tonne. Systems can be supplied with a full range of pneumatic and electric power including bespoke power solutions to drive COBRA, CAF and Nimbus without the need for an ancillary engine mounted in the vehicle.

This provides a flexible, cleaner and safer operation while providing additional storage space in the vehicles’ load compartment.Along with power solutions, vehicles can be supplied with a range of racking options to fit with an organisation’s individual requirements. Each system can have a choice of ancillary equipment added including external light bars and work lights.

Emergency Services

Specialist / Bespoke Power Solutions

When our customers have a unique or challenging operational requirement, this is where our engineers come into their own. We can design, build and install a wide range of bespoke solutions within vehicles that suit our clients’ needs.

If you’re unsure of the exact specifications you need, our experienced engineers can work with you to understand the technical and operational requirements you have, offering help and advice as we design your vehicle system. Our expert team will ensure that each element of the project complements the other components and protects manufacturer warranties.

Examples of bespoke projects delivered by Winton include core and vac, fibre cable blowing, mobile jetting, directional drilling rigs, and soda blast cleaning.

Specialist - Bespoke Power Solutions